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Some people seem to be afraid to grow orchids; there exists so many different types from large flowering to tiny plants with flowers best seen with a magnifying glass. Actually, they are not difficult to grow!  Orchid can be grown in a wide variety of conditions from window sills to plants stands under lights, or in a sunroom or greenhouse. One must first learn the name of the type of orchid they plan to grow. This is called the GENUS, and the orchid can be a species (found in nature) or hybrid from species or other hybrids. A detailed list of orchid species and their growth habits in the wild can be found at:

Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia : over 22,946 species in 870 genera.

Once one knows the type of orchid they wish to grow then they should learn the specific details of culture for that group of orchids. The American Orchid Society has a nice list of grow sheets which can be downloaded and printed for future reference.

American Orchid Society Grow Sheets

BUGS and DISEASES are the bain of orchid hobby growers. Sue Bottom has compiled a nice article on common orchid ailments which is an excellent reference guide. 

Sue Bottom's Article shown below.

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More information about all aspects of growing orchids as well as calendar of orchid events and access to webinars on a wide variety of orchid related topics: VISIT THE AMERICAN ORCHID SOCIETY website linked below. Consider becoming a member of the AOS! 


Sue Bottom's Article

OrchidPestsandDiseases (pdf)