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Eastern Iowa Orchid Society

A small group of people with a big love of growing orchids.

Eastern Iowa Orchid Society “Show Trophy Display”

At the Wisconsin Orchid Show, Milwaukee, WI. 9/16/17

The Eastern Iowa Orchid Society (formerly the Iowa City Orchid Society) is as our logo states “A small group of people with a big love of growing orchids”. Members come from all around eastern Iowa. We meet the first Thursday of the month September through December and February through May at the Shueyville United Methodist Church, Shueyville, Iowa. This is half way between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, The church is located 1 mile EAST of Exit 10 (Swisher-Shueyville) of interstate 380. Our meetings begin with a social time at 6:30 pm; followed by the official meeting and an educational program at 7:00 pm. Meetings are free and open to anyone interested in orchids! Our club displays orchids at regional orchid shows and participates in American Orchid Society orchid judging. Meeting programs include beginning orchid growing, discussion about various types of orchids and  orchid conservation, plus an auction and holiday party just for fun. Enjoy our website, read our newsletters, attend our Fall Orchid Show 2018 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and come join us at our next meeting.

The 2017 Eastern Iowa Orchid Show had to be cancelled BUT

we will be back in 2018

Watch this website for details.